Landscape Drainage

The importance of proper landscape drainage cannot be overstated. Poor drainage at the foundation can cause water in your basement, and uncontrolled water flow can cause erosion. Damp areas or standing water in your lawn and landscape can damage the root system and stunt the growth of your trees and plants. Too much moisture can also affect your plants’ resistance to pests and disease.


Tailored Drainage Solutions

We offer tailored drainage solutions to homeowners and businesses throughout Baltimore and Harford counties. The type of drainage system you need will depend on many factors.

If you’re experiencing drainage issues, we can help! It’s helpful if you can take pictures of the drainage problems during a rainstorm or after a heavy snow melt in order for us to make a plan to solve the problems.

When we come out to your property to assess the drainage situation, we’ll check the grade, and get spot elevations to help determine if there are any problem areas.

Some common drainage solutions include:

  • Installing French drains after hand-excavating around the foundation of your home
  • Re-grading lawns
  • Changing the slope by adding soil/rock around the foundation
  • Connecting downspouts to underground drainage systems (Dry Wells)
  • Installing dry river beds to assist with storm drainage
  • Creating a grassy swale
  • Installing a water garden/feature

Local municipalities regulate the release of storm water into the municipal system. We are aware of and careful to follow all codes and regulations as we develop and install your landscape drainage systems.

If you are facing any problem with your landscape drainage, or would like an assessment, don’t wait! Contact us today, or call us at 410-477-5320.