Tree’s for Privacy, Shade or an Accent

Landscape Trees

Landscape trees are part of the architecture of your landscape design. Trees can serve any number of purposes, including privacy, shade, as an accent, or as a tree to feed the birds in the winter. Some landscape trees serve more than one purpose.

Privacy Trees

Privacy trees tend to be trees that are dense, moderately tall, and fast-growing. Privacy trees provide a homeowner with a product that will prevent neighbors from viewing the yard, block an unsightly view, and assist in noise abatement. Arborvitae is a classic example of privacy trees.


Shade Trees

Some fast growing shade trees include hybrid poplar, some oaks, red maple, weeping willow, river birch, tulip poplar and more. Not all of these trees will be suitable for your property, depending on how much room you have for the tree to grow, soil conditions, shade vs, sun, etc. We can help you select trees that will do well in your landscape.

Accent Trees / Ornamental Trees

Accent trees or ornamental trees are frequently smaller trees that bloom, bear fruit or have interesting trunk features or weeping features, interesting fall foliage, and more. We can help you select ornamental trees well suited to the Maryland climate, and that will lend beauty to your landscape.

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