Leaf Removal


Leaf removal is the price we pay for the beauty of autumn trees. Fall foliage may be beautiful to look at, but think twice before you allow fallen leaves to accumulate on your lawn. If you don’t keep up with leaf removal, a blanket of leaves can suffocate your grass and block it from getting the sunlight, water and the nutrients it needs.

A good rule of thumb is that if you can’t see your lawn through the leaves, it can’t grow!  Remove thick layers of leaves – especially those that are heavy and matted from rainfall – before they damage your lawn. Proper leaf removal will give your grass room to breathe and help it to come back healthier in the spring.

Leaf Removal Service

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We offer our leaf removal service to homeowners and businesses in Baltimore County and Harford County. The timing of our service depends on what sorts of trees you have on your property. For instance, maple trees tend to drop their leaves earlier than oak trees. If you have both types of trees on your property, depending on how big the trees are and how many of them you have, we may need to do leaf removal at two different times. That’s because a thick blanket of maple leaves can cause damage to your lawn before the oak leaves drop.


We have the equipment and experience to take care of leaf build-up quickly and effectively! Call us today for an estimate 410-477-5320!