Lawn Aeration & Over Seeding

There are numerous benefits to lawn aeration, including:

  • increased water and nutrient absorption by improving air exchange between the soil and surrounding atmosphere
  • increased root development
  • improves soil compaction
  • helps break up the thatch layer
  • maintains turf density
  • helps with weed suppression in combination with proper mowing heights
  • makes the lawn more heat and drought tolerant
lawn aeration


We always recommend overseeding at the time of lawn aeration as it allows the proper nutrients within the seeds to establish deeper in the soil right within the turf’s root system. Overseeding introduces new seed into your lawn which is often more heat and drought resistant, thus promoting new growth that is more likely to spread and develop into a thicker, greener lawn.

In the lawn aeration process, we use a machine to remove cores of dirt from the soil and leave those cores on the surface of the ground. This reduces soil compaction, and grass roots extend further underground where the grass plant seeks out and absorbs more nutrients and water, yielding a healthier turf. The holes in the ground also allow the nutrients we spread to penetrate the ground, thus the roots can take maximum advantage of our chemical applications.



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