Lawn Maintenance

Nature’s Image lawn maintenance program(s) keep your lawn looking lush and green. Unless you have lots of time and a green thumb, sometimes it’s easier to hire lawn maintenance professionals to do the work, so you can spend time on things you find more enjoyable, such as spending time with family or athletic activities.

We offer lawn maintenance contracts that will meet your needs and budget. If you have a special event coming up, we can also make a special visit so your lawn looks manicured and picture perfect.

We work with homeowners, businesses and real estate agents to keep your property looking its best.

Lawn Service

Standard lawn service includes:

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Trimming
  • Edging
Harford County Landscaping company, Baltimore County Landscapers


Other services can be added on to your weekly service as needed, including mulching, pruning, aeration & over seeding,  leaf removal, and other maintenance services to keep your entire landscape looking well groomed.

General lawn maintenance keeps your yard looking lush, vibrant and attractive while adding to the curb appeal of your property.

Everyone starts out the season with good intentions of keeping a manicured, weed-free lawn, however time can get the best of us and before you know it things have gotten out of control. Nature’s Image can help!

To discuss or schedule a quote for a lawn maintenance contract, call us today at 410-477-5320, or contact us through our website.