We use only top-quality landscape plants from local nurseries and farms in your landscape design. Whether we’re starting with a blank slate or working with existing landscape plants, perhaps adding a new garden or renovating an overgrown space, we’ll listen to your needs and wants, and make recommendations for appropriate plant material for your space.

Your overall landscape design includes many elements, chosen for height, size, color, texture, fragrance, seasonal display and more.

Typically we bring everything to you, but if you prefer to purchase your own plants we’ll be happy to suggest local nurseries and farms for you to visit, and then we will take care of the planting and installation.

Trees and Shrubs Installation

Trees and shrubs help anchor your landscape design, and can create focal points around which we can build the rest of your landscape design. We’ll help you choose trees and shrubs known to flourish in our part of Maryland and that offer you the shade, privacy or ornamental beauty you’re looking for.

Perennials, Annuals and Bulbs

Perennials, annuals and bulbs add color, texture and fragrance to your landscape design, and if chosen wisely, will provide color and beauty from the earliest days of spring well into the fall.


Sodding is typically found at new construction sites, but sod installation can also be used at existing properties if you simply want to see a full, green lawn without having to wait.

Transplanting trees & shrubs

Transplanting is the act of digging up and moving a tree, shrub or other plant from one place to another. It is a very delicate procedure and is important that the tree, shrub or plant be properly prepared for transplant and healthy enough to survive the recovery period that follows. When you dig up a tree or shrub, no matter how careful you are, you cut off up to 95 percent of those fine root hair. The roots spread out in all directions (circumstances permitting), forming a circle with a diameter at least one and one half times the height of the tree. The tree or shrub will survive the move by keeping the soil moist (but not soggy) for the critical time period after transplanting.

Japanese laceleaf maple 4 inch
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