Trees/Shrubs Installation

The installation of trees and shrubs is both an art and a science. At Nature’s Image, we have the knowledge of various trees and shrubs that you need from your landscaping company. We will help you select trees and shrubs that are known to flourish in Maryland, and install them as part of a pleasant to the eye landscape design.

Royal Burgandy Cherry install 2

There are several things to consider when selecting shrubs and trees to plant on your property:

  • Hardiness zone
  • Full Sun/Shade
  • Flowering/Non Flowering
  • Water Requirements (Drought Resistant, Suitable for Damp Areas)
  • Pest and Fungus Resistant
  • Maintenance Requirements (Raking, Pruning, Shaping)
  • Purpose (Ornamental, Shade, Privacy, etc.)
  • Size at Full Growth

We will take precautions to plant your trees and ornamental shrubs to prevent overgrowth into your house or other structures, and not plant them so close together that they will crowd each other out. We can’t tell you how many times we have had to remove overgrown plantings that were dying on one side, scraping the siding, touching a power line, etc.

Landscape Contractors

We are full service landscape contractors. Visit our Landscaping page for more information on landscape design and how incorporating annuals, perennials, grasses and more with your shrubs and trees can transform your landscape. We’ll create new garden beds, or work with your existing beds.

For foundation plantings, we will first make sure that the drainage away from the foundation is adequate. This may require installing a foundation drainage system, or simply re-grading the area around the foundation to make sure the ground slopes away from your home.

In regard to shrubs and trees, our landscape maintenance services include pruning and trimming in spring, summer and fall; mulching in spring and fall; and leaf removal. Well-shaped and well-mulched trees and shrubs are happy trees and shrubs.

To get an estimate or schedule tree and shrub installation, call us today at 410-477-5320, or contact us.