How to Deal with Winter Storm Damage to Your Trees and Shrubs

Heavy snow storms and ice can really take a toll on your landscape’s trees and shrubs. If you have a landscaping company that you work with, they probably did some pruning and trimming in the fall to help your trees and shrubs survive harsh winter conditions.

But heavy snow and ice inevitably bring down some branches. When the snow stops falling and the ice starts melting, call Nature’s Image to evaluate the damage, do the necessary trimming, and haul away the debris.

Don’t try and remove ice from your trees and shrubs. You could damage the branches. However, if heavy snow is weighing down branches, particularly on evergreens and arborvitae, you can take a broom and gently remove some of the snow. Be careful of branches swinging back up once the weight is lifted.

If you’ve lost branches, it’s important to trim back the ragged areas where they tore off from the rest of the tree. Those open wounds can invite disease and insect infestation. We’ll handle the pruning and trimming, being careful to leave the branch collar to speed healing.

Once springtime comes, our professional landscapers can evaluate whether the tree will survive the damage. It may take a year or two for a damaged tree to look normal again. The exception is when there is extensive damage on one side of the tree, which may affect its stability as well as its appearance.

If you need help with winter storm damage to your trees and shrubs, call Nature’s Image today at 410-477-5320. We’ll come make an assessment and make recommendations to save the life of your trees and ornamentals.